Punk Rock Time Machine: The Graphic Novel + FREE Music Digital Download


Over 150 pages of non-stop action, with tabs, sheet music, and lyrics so you can play along with the adventure.

Written by Wesley Price
Illustrated by Samual Purata.
Cover art by Brian Allen
Tabs and sheet music by Kevin Strong


In the near future the Repticunts have shed their human skin and enslaved all of mankind, farming humans for their souls. The balance of the universe has shifted to the side of evil. The fate of our universe lies in the hands of the last free man, Clint Spacewood. Through a spiritual ritual Spacewood meets The God Squad who advises him to find their children through the history of planet Earth and gives him the power to travel time. On his journey through time Spacewood assembles his team, finding the caveman Cromagnum Dong, the gladiator Cannabis Maximus, the viking Queef Erinvagg, and the witch doctor Chief Slappinskins. Together they travel time and space slaying repticunts. Now they have traveled to the present and started a punk band. They are Punk Rock Time Machine.



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