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Punk Rock
Time Machine
The Graphic Novel

In the near future the Repticunts have shed their human skin and enslaved all of mankind, farming humans for their souls. The balance of the universe has shifted to the side of evil. The fate of our universe lies in the hands of the last free man, Clint Spacewood.

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Go back in time to witness the very first man


This video is intended for mature audiences

Heroes throughout time band together

Here To Save The World

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Punk Rock
Time Machine
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Clint Spacewood

The last free man of the future. A master of science, an amazing engineer, quick draw with a laser, and moonshiner without fear.


Cannabis Maximus

The gladiator son of the roman god Saturn. Born with green thumbs and a taste for the blood of tyrants, he will bring forth the golden age of man.


Cromagnum Dong

The very first man on Earth and son of the god Crometheus. With primal instincts he only knows how to smash and fuck.


Qüeef Ërinvagg

The viking son of the norse goddess Freya. Ruthless warrior, master sailor, and king of the vikings, he welcomes his death for Valhalla awaits.


Chief Slappinskins

Son of the messenger for the gods Kontra and the mother earth Gaia, He is the high priest of the lost Tripyabalzoff tribe. He is protector of the sacred Yumberry plant and fierce defender of his mother.